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The Remodeling Service That Suits Me Best

Hire The Best, And Monitor Them

Do you know experts of your confidence who take charge of the remodeling, at a fair price and a good quality work?

Save time and money; it is better to hire an expert for remodeling. Only if you have experience in painting, or any plumbing or electrical work, it is possible that you will be in charge of that part of the remodeling and thus save a bit of your budget.

Consider “do it yourself” courses that some stores, like Home Depot and Comex, offer for free, as long as you buy the material with them.

It is essential that you take into account how much time you have available to supervise the remodeling. It is not about going through the house only on the weekend.

Prioritize and r model each corner

The money you spend in the spaces of the house will grow from the cheapest, in the bedroom and living room, to the most expensive bathrooms and kitchen, mainly the latter.

To know what and what not to ask yourself: do I need it? Could not I live without this remodeling?

Priority 1: Security.

The gas, electric and hydraulic installations must be in their best shape.

In a new house, look at the accesses. Check that windows and doors are functional and safe. If necessary, put blacksmithing protections, and if you have open spaces think about lifting a fence to isolate them from strangers.

Priority 2: Bathroom and kitchen furniture.

These areas of the house add value, so you must have them in excellent condition. If they have faults or defects will have to change immediately, but if it is an aesthetic issue, maybe the second step in the list.

The remodeling of the bathrooms adds value and almost always recovers between 95 and 100% in the sale price, followed by improvements made in the kitchen.

Priority 3. Extensions and aesthetic plans.

The bedrooms and living rooms (living and dining rooms) are the tightest spaces to remodel since only the floor, walls and closets are considered. We suggest you leave it in a second stage.

At this time, in addition to building a larger budget, you can inhabit the house and know the temperature of each room and its level of use; this will help you determine if you want a ceramic floor, laminate, carpet or any other solution that currently they offer specific brands in flats.

The remodeling that suits you is one that does not require complicated changes, where your budget will be reflected in a house to your liking and that in the future when you want to sell, you can take advantage of those improvements.